Determine Your Comfort With Risk

While investing in financial markets inevitably comes with both opportunities and challenges, we believe in customizing your financial plan so that you are confident and clear about your investments and the risks associated with them.

Our goal is for you is to make smart investments that you are comfortable with, no matter your age or stage in life.

Keli Hazel & Associates utilizes a leading financial technology called Riskalyze that measures risk tolerance with quantitative data. Combined with your desires and our expertise, we’ll customize your financial plan in accordance with your risk tolerance.

Identify Your Risk Number

Complete a short questionnaire with questions about financial goals, portfolio size, and risk aversion. Using a quantitative approach, Riskalyze will generate a personalized Risk Number that we will use as we create your financial plan.

Create Your Portfolio

Using your Risk Number, current financial landscape, and personal goals, we’ll create a portfolio that aligns with your desired outcomes. It will include expected gains and losses over a period of time.

Plan For Retirement

With your Risk Number and financial goals in mind, we’ll create a Retirement Map. This will help you to form a clear picture of your financial path and help us determine how to better serve you.